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April 2014

Volume: 19, Issue: 2, April 2014


1) Optimal Power Consumption in Cooperative WSNs for a Random Distance using 2-D Topology

Authors: Shorouq AL-Eidi and Jamil Ahmad AL-Sawwa

2) Temperature dependence of 4H-SiC IMPATT Diode at Ka band

Authors: Joydeep Sengupta,Girish Chandra Ghivela, Anand Gajbhiye, Bhupendra Jothe, M. Mitra

3) Depth First Based Sink Mobility Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Anas Abu Taleb, Tareq Alhmiedat

4) Design of 4 bits Combinational Lock Using VHDL

Author: Jenny Ebitonere Ogeh