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January 2014

Volume: 18, Issue: 1, January 2014


Multilevel PV-AF System

Authors: Hamza Tédjini, Youcef Meslem, Mustapha Rahli


Active filters (AF) have been rapidly expanding with the advancement of power electronics technology. The purpose of the active filters installed by individual consumer is to compensate current harmonics and/or current imbalance of their own harmonic-producing loads. But it requires additional costs. A Grid-connected inverter used in the PV system outputs a sinusoidal current to inject an active power to the utility. So, the PV system combined with the function of the active filter system can be useful for the application in the power distribution system. In this paper, PV-AF system confirmed that it is possible to combine the AF theory to the three phase PV system connected to the utility.

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