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Techniques for Detection of Power Quality Disturbance Waveform – A Review

Authors: Swapnil B. Mohod, Vilas N. Ghate


An exponential increase of nonlinear loads in power-system, mostly consisting of power electronic devices, hampered the quality of power supply. Deterioration of power quality often termed as Power Quality Disturbance. This paper aims to briefly depict the issues related to power quality disturbances and it further discusses the methodologies adopted for recognition of power quality disturbances. These disturbances are observed in electrical parameters like voltage, frequency and it includes voltage sag, voltage swell, harmonics, notching, d. c. offset etc. Diagnostic tool for power quality disturbances underwent an evolution of phases. Details regarding conventional transform techniques like discrete and fast fourier transform along with advanced mathematical tool like wavelet and s-transforms are characterized in this paper. Also, the application of artificial intelligence and their combined approach with mathematical techniques reported by researchers in this domain is stated in this work.

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