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Genetic Algorithm Based Routing Algorithm for Packet Switching Network

Authors: Olalekan Ogunbiyi, Wasiu Akande


The distributed nature of routers in a packet switching network (PSN) and the need for them to send packet to one another following an optimal path make routing algorithm a necessity. In this paper, genetic algorithm (GA) is proposed to solve routing problem in a PSN. Computer simulation showed that GA approach obtain a result similar to Dijkstra’s algorithm (used in routing information protocol (RIP)) but with some improvement. The GA technique finds the optimal path between any source and destination nodes in a network. The network may be simple or complex, such that a feasible path or optimal path seems intractable. The developed technique was able to determine an entire route right from the source node, quick adaptation to changes in the network. It can also handle a numerous number of different constraints in the network. The binary coding used will also make it easier to implement in hardware.


Routing, packet switching network, metric, genetic algorithm and Dijkstra’s algorithm

Volume 20, Issue 1, May 2014, pp. 911-917                    Download PDF

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