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October 2013

Volume: 16, Issue: 2, October 2013


Design and Development of GSM-Controlled Electric Consumption and Monitoring System

Authors: Mirador G. Labrador, Miguel Lorenz D. Tabon, Al-Benyashier M. Sahhibal


The present electrical energy consumption monitoring is being done manually. The electric utilities have keeps on going to each consumer’s house to conduct meter reading and produce bills. This process provides inconvenience both on the part of the consumer and power provider and in most cases the mechanism leads to meter reading errors and miscalculations of bills. In additions, control and monitoring is inefficient and ineffective and as such, an effective and efficient electrical energy savings mechanism could not be undertaken both by the consumer and power provider. This paper addresses the stated problems and aims to automate the said processes. The system made use of the different electrical and electronics components anchored to embedded system application and development. The system provides real time calculations and data transmission of electric energy consumption for an effective control and monitoring mechanism and further provides a mechanism that updates the consumer of their current consumption from time to time.

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