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Volume:10, Issue:2, October' 2012

Validity of Running in Gait Biometrics

Author: Naveen Rohila


Due to increasing crime rate, necessity of visual surveillance and monitoring applications is increasing day by day. This paper describes the validity of running gait biometrics by establishing the relation between normal walking and running using Fourier Analysis and Phase Modulating Signals. Static and Dynamic features of each person are calculated for running and walking both. Experiments have been done at Govt. Polytechnic for Women, Faridabad in real world conditions. 77 persons participated in normal walking experiments and 15 persons from these participated in running experiments. The experimental results show that running of each person is unique and can be effectively used for recognition like normal walking.

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Comparative Performance Analysis between Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) and PID Controller for an Inverted Pendulum System

Authors: Aleem Ahmed Khan, Kashan Hussain


The idea of this paper is to compare the time-response performance characteristics between two controllers having different strategy for an inverted pendulum system. The main objective is to determine which control strategy brings the better results in comparative analysis with regard to pendulum’s angle and cart’s position of the system. The inverted pendulum system in fact a critical and challenging control problem, which continually moves away from a stable state. Two Control strategies for an Inverted pendulum system model are presented for stabilized controlling such as Proportional-Integral-Derivatives (PID) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) Controllers. Matlab Simulation has been performed on Simulink platform shows that both controllers successfully controls Multi-output Inverted pendulum system. However PID is more efficient and has a better time response characteristics than FLC control strategy.

(pp. 620-625)
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